H3X Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Bringing best of breed technologies together

Validated Designs

The compute, storage, and networking components of the H3X hybrid cloud have been meticulously selected and profiled for performance and operational compatibility

Rapid Delivery

Offsite rack & stack and remote installation processes reduce impact to your IT operations, enabling faster delivery time for your hybrid cloud solution

Flexible Workloads

Built from the ground with support for robust modern workflows. H3X is ready to handle your containerized application and high performance computing workloads

Scalable Infrastructure

Under the hood H3X utilizes modern scalable openstack or RHV hypervisors giving you the ability to meet the compute, storage, and networking demands of your workloads

Managed Service

Avoid loading technical debt onto your IT team and rely on our platform experts to provide you with the support you need to get up and stay up and running your hybrid cloud

Cloud Insights

Monitor resources, view event logs, and manage configuration of your hybrid cloud using the management toolkit provided with every H3X hybrid cloud solution

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