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Get to Know the Industry’s Fastest-growing Storage Vendor.

IT professionals like you are facing tight budgets and skyrocketing storage demands. Yet Nimble Storage customers have deployed full-featured, high-performance storage, backup, and disaster recovery solutions at a fraction of the cost of existing technologies. How?

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Nimble Storage’s award-winning Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) is the first adaptive flash storage architecture designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate SSDs with high-capacity disks, all to give you these industry-leading benefits:

  • Unparalleled performance and capacity efficiency: Compared to traditional storage solutions, Nimble delivers 5x higher GB/$, a 4x reduction in rackspace and power requirements, and dramatically lower TCO

  • Better backups and DR: Nimble’s breakthrough architecture enables capacity-efficient snapshots, frequent recovery points, and up to 120 days of backups.

  • Stress-Free Operations: Even IT generalists can manage an integrated, full-featured storage solution thanks to Nimble’s intuitive UI, proactive support features, and pre-configured application profiles for VMware, VDI, Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL.

  • Proactive Wellness: With InfoSight™, Nimble Storage takes a new approach to the storage lifecycle, one that leverages the power of deep-data analytics and cloud-based management to deliver true operational efficiency across all storage activities. This “deep data” approach to customer support delivers storage health insights that can be leveraged to streamline maintenance by enabling granular alerting, accurate forecasting, and a level of overall storage health insight that vastly improves productivity and optimizes system availability.

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